Welcome! My name is Alexandre Goloskok, I am a designer, web and mobile developer. This minisite features a selection of my works

Programming projects

iOS App: Visual task manager, work in progress

  • Mind mapping concepts adapted and applied to task management
    Work in progress - currently implemented:
  • Large canvas with 1000x zoom: as you zoom out the details become too small to defer attention
  • Current state restoration using both userDefaults and Core Data
  • Simultaneous gesture recognition for both the canvas and the text fields
  • Seamless iCloud synchronization between devices
  • Memory friendly dynamic content scaling
    Variable restraining scale factor applied only to what is visible on screen allowing for smooth content at any given scale

Custom stock control and POS solution for Thermo+

  • Custom configuration for 1C Platform written from scratch to best fit the needs of the company
  • Functions as a point of sale, stock control, order and business management solution
  • Dropbox synchronization between thick clients at production plant and stores, fit for unreliable connections
  • Custom reports and data access levels on per user basis

Web Design & Development

Thermo+ website

  • ThermoPlus website A to Z: design, coding, hosting. No template used
  • Created all content (text, research and photographs where not stated otherwise)
  • Russian and English versions
  • View at www.yachtwood.com

Website for Anna Hulm

  • Original idea and coding. Created in Flash.
  • Demo of the website here

Old portfolio flash website

  • Flash based portfolio created to display current works
  • Demo of the website here

Design projects

Corporate style for Thermo+

  • Logo, business cards, flyers, posters, outdoor banners and other advertising material
  • Textured 3D versions of produced moldings built and rendered to avoid costly photoshoots
  • Most works started by personal initiative

Sauna design for Thermo+

  • Computerization of sauna price estimation process with added visualizations to increase order number and speed
  • Geometrically accurate components are used to generate production orders, visualizations and assembly plans
  • Video slide demonstrates how the created dynamic components help speed up design visualizations

House design for Thermo+

  • Design and architectural work with the owners
  • Delicate planning and constant negotiation with production plant to help keep optimise production and reduce costs

Corporate style for "Bijoux"

  • Logo, business cards, flyers, product photography and retouching

Transportation design portfolio

  • Design work accomplished during Bachelors and Master of Arts degrees


Contact Info

40, Ventura Road, Mermaid Beach, 4218

+61 424 785 418